CDGA Membership Overview

The CDGA is the prime moving force behind the promotion and betterment of golf in Central Ohio is the Columbus District Golf Association. And so it has been for years.

Currently thirty-one golf clubs in and around Franklin County make up the CDGA, which is the guiding light behind most of the organized local competitive golf tournaments.

Any Member of one of these 26 affiliated clubs is a Member of the CDGA and eligible to play in the tournaments offered by the CDGA as long as the specific requirements for each tournament are met.

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The CDGA conducts a Seniors (54 players), Super Seniors (54 players), Mid Amateur (54 players), Amateur (100 players), Sr. Amateur (36 players), Pilkington Cup Matches (26 four-man teams), AM/AM Scratch (48 two-man teams), AM/AM Handicap (48 two-man teams), Tournament of Champions (100 players), Juniors (60 players), Spring Old Pal Scramble (52 two-man teams), and the Senior Team Championship (30 four man teams) each year.

In 2016, the CDGA returned directly to our member pro shops over $23,000.00 in certificate prizes, an estimated $16,000.00 in cart fees, and more than $12,000.00 was spent in food services. A pro rata amount of $3,800.00 is given to clubs for hosting select events and the use of the practice facility during tournament days. The CDGA also hosts 5 board meetings including lunch at one of our affiliated clubs spending an estimated $6,300.00 bringing the figure to a staggering $61,100.00 the CDGA pumped back into the economy of our member clubs!

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Governing Body

Three Board members from each club represent the governing body of the CDGA. Governors devote their time unselfishly and serve, at the pleasure of their clubs, without compensation. They volunteer as starters, marshals, rules and scoring officials. Governors are requested to act as liaison to their respective club boards, to inform each club of upcoming events, and to make sure all CDGA hosted events are handled smoothly and in the best interest of golf.

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USGA Handicaps

The CDGA supervises the computation of handicaps, authorized and recognized by the USGA and the SOPGA as official and authentic. The CDGA office verifies handicaps for traveling members, and keeps current with all USGA Handicap rules and regulations.

The CDGA uses the GHIN system. Updates to this state of the art system are free and continue annually. Along with the GHIN handicap software, USGA TM software is available free of charge. This first class software will aid golf shops and their staffs in conducting tournaments.

Course Rating

A Course Rating Committee, composed of more then ten volunteers, stands ready to rate ALL area courses, and to provide the affiliated clubs of the CDGA with free and continued course rating services. All affiliated clubs have been rated in accordance with the USGA Slope procedure. Affiliated clubs of the CDGA are on a five-year schedule to have their courses re-rated, to ensure accuracy and consistency in handicaps.

National Affiliations

In addition to our daily duties of course rating, handicapping, and tournament administration, the CDGA also acts as liaison to the USGA and the PGA. We also are associated with: The National Golf Foundation, The National Club Association, The Club Managers Association of America, The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, The Ohio Publinx Golf Association, The Ohio Golf Course Owners Association, and lastly the Western Golf Association and their wonderful Evans Scholarship program. Our offices remain open to disseminate information of any of these organizations to our affiliated clubs, and to supply resource avenues for professional services needed to operate a modern club.

The CDGA supports the Evans Caddie Scholarship program, sponsored by the Ohio Golf Association and the Western Golf Association. Over the years, countless FULL scholarships have been awarded to CDGA caddies, to attend OSU or another Ohio college.


The CDGA awards three or four agronomy scholarships each year to outstanding students at the Ohio State University. The Scholarship has recently been renamed "CDGA/Jack Kidwell Agronomy Scholarship", in honor of Jack Kidwell. Many of the recipients of these scholarships have become superintendents at CDGA clubs devoting their careers to make our affiliated clubs green and playable.

The CDGA makes regular contributions to the OSU Turfgrass Research department. OSU, in return, makes its facility available to our affiliated clubs for consultation and identification of agronomy problems and solutions.

Junior Golf

The CDGA Junior Championship, an annual match play event, was attended by more than 40 in 2016. The continuing aim of the CDGA is to provide junior golf events and experiences for young golfers of all ages.

USGA Qualifiers

The CDGA also administers the local qualifiers for the USGA Open Championship, USGA Senior Open Championship, and USGA Amateur Championship.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Spring Old Pal Scramble

      May 11, 2017
      York GC

      The 2017 CDGA Spring Old Pal Scramble is a one day tournament held at York Golf Club in Columbus, OH. more

    • Mid-Amateur Championship

      May 15 - 16, 2017
      Heritage GC

      The 2017 CDGA Mid-Amateur Championship is a multi-day tournament held at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard, OH. more

    • Senior Championship

      May 15 - 16, 2017
      Heritage GC

      The 2017 CDGA Senior Championship is a multi-day tournament held at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard, OH. more

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