President's Letter

Steve Laslo, Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club

Steve Laslo
CDGA President

Time marches on. 2020 is upon us and another season of golf has arrived. But as I write this, our country and the world, struggle with a pandemic. It is a time of great uncertainty. Sadly, many will lose their private battle and many more will have their lives significantly changed. Hopefully, by the time you read this, some sense of normalcy will have returned. At a time when the golf course industry is already suffering, supporting your club or course has never been more important.

Moving onto the game of golf. Following the changes to the Rules in 2019, 2020 brings us a revamped handicap system. The World Handicap System has been established. For the first time, everybody on the planet will establish and maintain their playing handicaps in the same way.

Here are some of the notable changes:

  1. Use of the best 8 scores of 20, instead of 10.
  2. Max score on a hole will be a net double bogey, replacing the Equitable Stroke Control method.
  3. Indexes will be updated the day following a posted round instead of twice a month.
  4. Adjustments will be made to a score’s differential based on abnormal conditions. Should scores on a specific day and course show a pattern of being higher than normal, an adjustment will be made.
  5. The GHIN app.

Should you want to learn more about the World Handicap System, I encourage a visit to

Throughout the world there are hundreds of golf organizations dedicated to improving all aspects of Golf for those of different abilities, nationalities, ages and genders. We have many in the state of Ohio. They represent professionals, amateurs, other groups and a particular region. Central Ohio is no different. At the CDGA we have our specific functions but we partner with the Ohio Golf Association in their mission. Both assist the USGA in theirs. Simply put, we are all in this together.

Along those lines, social media gives us the opportunity to follow and learn from other organizations. Our website,, is a go to for local topics and tournaments. Put us on your ‘favorites’ list. For local golf news and stories as well as tournament scores,, can fill that need.

For state issues and tournaments turn to For national tournaments and general golf information, such as the mentioned World Handicap System and Rules, visit These same organizations have twitter accounts: @ColsDistrctGolf, @ohiogolf, @CbusClubhouse, @USGA. Additionally, the Ohio Golf Association, USGA and CbusClubhouse have Facebook pages. Though I represent the CDGA, cooperation and assistance with those other organizations is not a negative.

Let’s try to enjoy another golf season. Go to our website and check out our men’s, women’s and junior tournament schedule. It all begins in May. We would love to have you play in one, or more, of our tournaments. As I’ve said before, I’m confident it will be an enjoyable experience. The venues are very good and our tournaments well run. Through the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet many great people and have developed new friendships due to the game of golf. Being a part of the CDGA as a competitor and representative has only enhanced that experience. Join us.

Steve Laslo
Columbus District Golf Association
Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club

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