President's Letter

Ken Erickson, Jefferson Golf & CC

Ken Erickson
CDGA President

The past two years have brought many changes to our everyday lives including working from home, virtual classrooms for our children's education, mask mandates in public, travel restrictions and many more, all brought on by the Covid Pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic arriving in the US the game of golf was suffering. Membership was dropping in our local clubs resulting in some permanent closures. Then something amazing happened, golfers found out they had few restrictions while on the golf course and play started to see a resurgence and has continued to this day. Our affiliated clubs are once again experiencing an increase in rounds played and requests for membership.

During the pandemic years our CDGA Executive Director and his staff have done an outstanding job in keeping our tournament schedule alive and moving forward and this year Matt, Paul, Nate and Ryan are going to be busier than ever. Our first CDGA tournament kicks off on May 2 and the schedule continues through Oct 2. We'll surely need plenty of volunteers. I encourage you to visit the CDGA web site and check out the tournament schedule.

In addition to a busy tournament schedule, we also have 17 course ratings to complete this year. If you are interested in becoming a rater, please contact Steve Laslo. He does an excellent job in training new raters.

On the OGA side we have the US Open Local qualifier on May 1st, Senior Open Local Qualifier on May 22nd and US Women's Open local qualifier on May 31st.

These are fun qualifiers to be a part of and Matt will always welcome any CDGA member volunteers.

We will again use our Pace of Play checkpoints this year to help alleviate those long rounds and continue to use Golf Genius for real time scoring and leader board updates during tournament play.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of our CDGA board members back in action this year.

Let me finish by thanking Dan Strasser for serving as our CDGA President for the past two years.

Ken Erickson
Jefferson Golf & CC

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